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Free Virtual Online Greetings.

Content and Images on this Website came from Websites that have Shared their Content Freely and came from Licensed Sources.

Rainbow Universe was started in 2001. Since then, a lot of Websites where I have gotten content from have come and gone and many Websites are no longer visible on the Web, but I want to mention a few of the names of People and Websites that have shared with me through the years.


Kristy Timothy Owner of I-Love-Disney.Com
Rhonda McCready Owner of Disney2Go

Kat from Kat's Creations:  http://alexsfunplace.com/Mom'sPlace/KatsKreations.htm

Indigo Storm Designs Copyright Jaqueline D. Hamilton

Art by Penny Parker is used with written permission. Come see her Wonderfiul Artwork

This Wonderful Website Design is Licensed from Templates In Time

ECards System is Powered by EcardWidget

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Licensed Sources



Animation Factory

As per my Image License Agreement with Licensed Entities ... Greeting Images on this Website are Solely for the Purpose of Sending A Free Internet Greeting to Friends & Loved Ones. These Images are Not to be Reproduced or Redistributed in any way and are Not to be Sold.
Images from Animation Factory are used solely for Page Design and not used in Greeting Cards.

If You See Something On This Site That Is Someone Else's Creation Or Is Not Free to Use, Please Let Me Know, I Will Glady Comply To The Owner's Wishes.

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Rainbow Universe Greetings are Child Safe & are Solely for the Purpose of Sending Free Internet Greetings to Friends & Loved Ones on a Non Commercial Basis.

All Content & Images are Not to be Redistributed in Any Way.


All Materials used on this Site came from Websites that share their Graphics Freely or have been Purchased. Use of Copyrighted & Trademarked Materials is for Entertainment Purposes Only. No Infringement on Copyrights or Trademarks is Intended or should be Inferred.

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